natalie 麥月明. they/them. 24.
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illustrator & zinester ✷ art portfolio
available for personal commissions
and commercial work ♡ email me!
[email protected]

please say you're sorry zine submissions still open!
i'm hoping to announce a deadline sometime in september!
Opening commissions soon as I was terminated after asking for accomodations! Stay tuned, info page will be here!I've been teaching intro art classes at my local art gallery,
working on pitch decks, and learning how to make games!


✧・゚Pricing ・゚✧

Full Body $90
(+$70 per additional character)
Half Body 70
(+50 per additional character)
Props $30
Design Elements/Detailing $20ish
See info sheet below ↓↓↓
Character Sheet
Please email or fill out the Google form for a quote!

✧・゚Terms of Service・゚✧

✧ Ratio dependant on sketch/composition/request but will be made to fit on letter sized paper (unless icon), 300 dpi, png + pdf (or other requested sizing), RGB.
✧ Single colour or transparent background unless otherwise requested! Gradient and simple textures and shapes or small design elements may be requested, price may change based on complexity.
✧ Props and or graphics/text may be included beyond what is described in descriptions, but prices are subject to change.
✧ I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
✧ Drawing nsfw/gore/machinery is up for discussion but will most likely change the price.
✧ I will not use your commission for anything other than my portfolio without a written consent! I ask before posting online.

These are personal use commissions only. You may not reproduce the artwork for commercial or marketing use, take any credit for the creation of the artwork, or edit for profit in any way. The artwork can be used as social media banners/profile pics, gifts, printing for yourself, headshot, for ttrpg campaigns, etc
If you would like to commission/hire me for a project, please email me: [email protected]


✧ Fill out my commission form or send me an email
✧ Wait for my confirmation + invoice (It is okay to nudge me if I haven't gotten back to you in 5 days or if you have a timeline.)
✧ I'll probably ask more questions and upon confirmation, I'll send sketches with an invoice!
✧ Send payment via paypal (international) or e-transfer (canada). I don't start drawing you artwork until I get paid. Commercial work is a different.
✧ You receive your artwork!

✧・゚Other Info・゚✧

Please provide at least 2 clear references of the subject and any other details you would like.
Color palette, main color, background color, pose, clothing, accessories, pets etc. Moodboards are extremely helpful. This can look like a word doc of all your images or a google drive folder.
Please email me: [email protected], please state your budget and usage case clearly.

✧・゚Some Fee Breakdowns Below・゚✧

↑ Inuyasha x Megan Thee Stallion as Kagome, people who commission me always have taste 💅🏼
This piece was quoted for $180
2 FULL BODY figures ($160) + design elements and detailing ($20) = $180 + a $20 tip 🤠 TOTAL = $200

↓ Ruby Rocks and Jet Rocks from Dimension 20's Actual Play Campaign, "A Crown of Candy".
Single figure artworks would be $110
Semi Full Body Figure ($80) + Prop ($30) = $110
2 Characters - 2 SEMI FULL BODY figures ($80 + 60) + 2 props ($30 + $30) TOTAL = $200

✧・゚Icon Pricing ・゚✧

Sketchy $25
(top row)
Ink + Flat Colour $45
Thin Ink - Whimsical and cute! (first 2 icons in the 2nd row)
Medium Ink - Semi realistic. Good for 'professional' use, Flat shadows. (last icon in the 2nd row + first 2 in the 3rd row)Thick Ink - Cartoonish. Very cute!! (⑉ •̀ ᗜ •́ ⑉́)
(last icon in the 3rd row)

Full Render $60
Shading, Facial details, semi-realistic. Good for professional use. (bottom icon)
Props $15-25
Simple jewelry will not change the price!
Note: The icon in the 4rth row would be $60 because it includes more than just the bust + a prop (the guitar)! It was originally an $80 commission made as a custom wallpaper.Feel free to request things like coloured linework, design elements (such as shapes or scribbles), gradient, etc.

chinese diaspora artist (toisanese/taishanese). i love mecha anime and i miss eating dim sum with my friends!!! lately I have been playing around with bitsy, and slowly reading wretched of the earth by frantz fanon. terriermon is my favourite digimon. dm for pers accounts.


mostly procreate on ipad, experimenting with CSP and occasionally photoshop since that was the original program I was using. my drawing tablet is the XP-PEN 15"

fave media

fave anime & manga: FLCL, digimon, eureka 7, bleach, witch hat, yotsuba, furuba, jjk, mech in general
fave movies: Mortal Kombat (1995), Cradle 2 the Grave, Shoplifters, Dark Crystal, Short Term 12, and Digimon: The Movie

about what i post

fan art and fan related stuff, idk just having fun.
♡ generally fub free (idc unless we're friends bcuz i like communication and consider online friends to be real friends too!)
♡ sometimes i exhibit my disordered thinking online sorry..,
♡ i thirst tweet about whatever fictional character i'm obsessed w,
♡ i don't use tone indicators, totally okay w people asking for clarification though

DNI/get blocked

t/sw/erfs, ddlg blogs, inc/est shippers, ppl beefing w minors, racists, etc
tbh i have no problem blocking anyone i get bad vibes from (sometimes this means white ppl if they're being annoying. sometimes fujoshis, sometimes self insert artists, and cosplayers even though i enjoy these things most of the time.)

other boundaries

♡ dms are okay, please just don't be creepy. i actually enjoy making internet friends. similar age range preferred!
♡ i'm 24 so i don't have the time or patience to fuck around w online "discourse". it's mostly uneducated people projecting because someone disagreed w them anyway.
♡ i don't interact w under 20

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