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they/them. canada.
25 years old
libra ☼ sag ☾ virgo ↑

illustrator & arts educator
♡ available for work ♡
[email protected]

✩ from yesterday is comic published through Old Growth Press from 2019, buy herestrawb wallpaper + icon set ♡✩ submit to my open submission zine about FAILURE:
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✩˚₊‧ personal commissions closed‧₊˚✩

✩˚₊‧ news ‧₊˚✩

✩ i tabled at vanCAF in may!✩ i started zine-garden on tumblr where i will be hosting a month-long online zine event to celebrate zines and zine culture. please participate!✩ me and a group of internet friends will have a digital comic zine available for download in July! we are fundraising for diyhrt.cafe✩ (hopefully) i will re-launch my online shop in august

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Jan Xth
happy year of the rabbit, i will draw a bunny before the lantern festival <3
i will code my own blog eventually grrr (CSS is so tough haha) in the meantime... i stay silly :3i started teaching the winter cohort of my students earlier this month! they are always such a great batch of people who are very excited to learn and it revitalizes my love and joy for art all the time. such a different experience from being a university student and way less stressful.i wish people would mask indoors again. it makes me feel insane that everyone listened and agreed with white supremacists all because they think disabled people should die. i am also sad about the numerous shootings and acts of violence that happened during LNY, Chinese/Asian and Black people must hold our communities close in what should be a time of celebration and care with BHM approaching too.in other news, my work will appear in in the third batch of art launches for Lights on the Exchange / Allumez le Quartier in the downtown Exchange District in Winnipeg. i hope it adds magic to downtown.
nov 30th
taught my last comics class of the year and omg the kids are so sweet and chaotic like they started talking about insufferable classmates who are bullies and they were like ‘yeah some guys… words don’t work, only action’ djjfbgndk but also that they really like me as a teacher and wish i was teaching other teen classes 🥺💖 i printed all their final projects in a zine for them and included a lesbian witch + frog 2 page comic for them which i was already drawing to give demos and stuff!! their work looks sooooo nice in a little zine!

Nov 6th, 2022
please say you're sorry zine submissions still open! unfortunately dealing with a lot of IRL stuff so they will remain open until the end of 2022. will announce across sns soon.
for halloween, i cosplayed a character from a book i was obsessed with since I was in middle school and the author reposted it! i'm still so happy about it ♡

✩˚₊‧ commissions ‧₊˚✩

✩˚₊‧ pricing ‧₊˚✩

full body $100 / half body $70 / portraits $30-$40
+ $30 for props **additional figure discount dependant on concept (usually reduced by $20)
If you have something specific in mind like a character sheet or the style of a piece i've done in the past, include that in the Google Form (linked below), and i will give you a quote.Check out my fee breakdown for examples of pricing.

✩˚₊‧ terms of service ‧₊˚✩

✩ Ratio: Sizing is dependant on composition/request, but will be made to fit on letter sized paper (unless icon), 300 dpi, png + pdf (or other requested sizing), RGB.✩ Backgrounds: Single colour or transparent unless otherwise requested. Gradient and simple textures and shapes, or small design elements may be requested, price may change based on complexity.✩ Props and or graphics/text will change the fee.✩ I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.✩ Drawing nsfw/gore is up for discussion but will most likely change the price (it adds complexity).✩ I will not use your commission for anything other than my portfolio without a written consent! I ask before posting on SNS out of courtesy. If you post the commission online, be sure to link back to me somewhere in the post.✩ Under no circumstances are you allowed to feed commissioned artwork into machine learning, or derived technologies (No NFT or AI). Creating derivatives using Artwork assumes exclusive or all rights to work and you will be charged such as per terms on invoice and you will blacklisted by me and fellow peers from future commissions.

These are personal use commissions only. You may not reproduce the artwork for commercial or marketing use, take any credit for the creation of the artwork, or edit for profit in any way. The artwork can be used as social media banners/profile pics, gifts, printing for yourself, headshot, for ttrpg campaigns, etc
If you would like to commission/hire me for a project, please email me: [email protected] with a description of your project.

✩˚₊‧ steps ‧₊˚✩

✩ Fill out my commission form or send me an email.✩ Wait for my confirmation (It is okay to nudge me if I haven't gotten back to you in 5 days or if you have a timeline.)✩ I'll probably ask more questions and upon confirmation, I'll send sketches with an invoice!✩ Send payment via paypal (international) or e-transfer (canada). I don't start drawing you artwork until I get paid. commercial work is a different.✩ You receive your artwork!

✩˚₊‧ other info ‧₊˚✩

Please provide at least 2 clear references of the subject and any other details you would like.
Color palette, main color, background color, pose, clothing, accessories, pets etc. Moodboards are extremely helpful. This can look like a word doc of all your images or a google drive folder.
Please email me: [email protected], state your budget and usage case clearly.
scroll to form link

✩˚₊‧ fee breakdowns ‧₊˚✩

↑ Inuyasha x Megan Thee Stallion as Kagome (people who commission me always have taste 💅🏼)This piece was quoted for $180
2 FULL BODY figures ($90+70=$180) + design elements and detailing ($20) = $180 + a $20 tip (๑・̑◡・̑๑) TOTAL = $200

↓ Ruby Rocks and Jet Rocks from Dimension 20's Actual Play Campaign, "A Crown of Candy"2 SEMI FULL/HALF BODY Figures ($70+50=$120) + 2 Props ($30+30 = $60) | TOTAL $180