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Natalie Mark 麥月明

Natalie 麥月明 is a Winnipeg-based artist working at the intersection between memory, history, and dreaming. Natalie often explores labour, desire, trauma, race, apologies, and how they present themselves in our everyday lives. They draw from lived experiences and the knowledge shared between friends, family, and community.

contact: [email protected]

Natalie Mark 麥月明

Natalie is an artist, cartoonist, and freelance designer/illustrator working at the intersection between memory, history and dreaming. They love asian melodrama films, mech anime, and dim sum. Natalie specializes in creating experiences of comfort and warmth in their work.

contact: [email protected]

Their work ranges from editorial illustration (guernica mag, broken pencil, shameless mag 39), basic web design, public programming, publications, and installation.

They also interned at plug in ICA in 2018, co-created an installation at pride toronto's 2017 street fair, and regularly make zines about their feelings.


b. 1997, Winnipeg, Manitoba


OCAD University, Bachelor of Design – Illustration


Critical Mass(ive Adventure), Port Hope, 2019
Diasporic Memory, Toronto, 2018
Night 4 Zines, Toronto, 2018
ZINE POWER, Toronto, 2017


Bai Sun, Window Space at XPACE, Toronto, 2019
DIY LOVE: Queer Knowledge & History Then, Now, and Forever, Pride Toronto Street Fair, Toronto, 2017
Sexual Assault: The Roadshow, curated by Lilian Allen and Jane Doe, facilitated by Sheila Sampath as (Un)knotted at OCAD Universityc, Toronto, 2016


2019 –
House of Oriental, curated by myself, Samiya Karim, and Yasmin Emery, Learning Zone, OCAD University, Toronto.
Homework, Artscape Youngplace, Hallway Gallery, Toronto

2018 –
Anti-Capitalist Love Letters: A Celebration of Self-Worth, Video Pool Gallery Space, Artscape Building, Winnipeg
Lived Experiences: Our Untold Stories, William Doo Auditorium, Toronto

2017 –
ZINE POWER, Learning Zone, OCAD University, Toronto
#Inktober, Glory Hole Gallery, Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto


2020 –
Virtual Canzine, hosted by Broken Pencil, Online
OCAD U Zine Fair, OCAD U Atrium, Toronto

2019 –
Comic Studies Society, for CSS Symposium hosted at Ryerson University.
Zine Dream 12, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto
Canzine, hosted by Broken Pencil at the AGO, Toronto and the OAG in Ottawa

2018 –
/edition Art Book Fair, at Metro Toronto Convention Centre co-hosted with Art Toronto, Toronto
Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair, organized by SACHA at the Hamilton Public Library, Toronto
Canzine, organized by Broken Pencil at the AGO, Toronto
OCAD U Zine Fair, OCAD University Atrium, Toronto

2017 –
Asian Zine Fair, hosted by WAYF Collective, TRANZAC Club, Toronto.


2021 –
My Monsters Hold Me Soft, hosted by Vincy Lim with Story Planet, Online

2020 –
Comics Out Loud with Old Growth Press, with Canada Comics Open Library, Toronto/Online

2019 –
NEXT PAGE: Comics and Zines Creating Change, panel facilitated by Fiona Smyth at TCAF, Toronto
From Yesterday, published with and represented by Old Growth Press at publishing events.
URBANI_T x MARTK'D, live sneaker drawing/public workshop and podcast lead by Dori Tunstall and Dion Walcott, Toronto

Email for a detailed CV

Zines & Comics

Written, drawn, printed, folded, and trimmed by yours truly! (Except for From Yesterday which was published with Old Growth Press!)

I am currently working on setting up a shop and making my work available digitally with impaired vision accessibility in mind. I want to make sure this is all available for my self published work before I launch so please be patient. Thanks!


Old Growth Press
From Yesterday

A walk home on a rainy day with hands full of heavy groceries, the way the birds settle in the schoolyard. A family in a restaurant.

From Yesterday is a publication released with Old Growth Press for their Summer 2019 launch. Through the retelling of mundane, but fleeting moments from childhood, From Yesterday features the progression of a year growing up in Winnipeg. There is no clear beginning, middle, or end, but rather an emotional progression that relies on memories.

The publication can be purchased at Page & Panel, the Beguiling, Another Story Bookstore, or directly from Old Growth Press' online shop.

Purchase Online Here –
Comics Out Loud Reading–

OCAD University
Leftovers and Other Notes

Leftovers and Other Notes is a publication created alongside House of Oriental exhibition co-curated by Yasmin Emery, Samiya Karim, and myself. It is an extension of the exhibition and a documentation of the submitted work alongside recipes and anecdotes from the contributing artists. We are so pleased with the work submitted and hope that you’ll try some of these recipes at home! Please Enjoy the food!

About the exhibition:
House of Oriental: Northern Style
Soups, salads, and more!

House of Oriental: Northern Style was an exhibition up in the Learning Zone at OCAD University from April 1 to May 31 exploring Asian American/Canadian food. Asian American/Canadian food has a reputation for being fake reproductions of their original culture without considering that these foods were developed from hybridity, assimilation, survival, and access. We are not looking to explore “authentic” ethnic foods, but rather the food and places that were born out of this land’s rich (or poor) newcomer history.

#culture #ethnic #exotic #oriental #eastmeetswest #toospicy

Before You Go

Before You Go is filled with anecdotes about being raised by people who are not your parents. It examines Canada’s intentional removal of racialized parents from raising their children whether direct or indirect through comic. It also demonstrates how a community can care for one another under tough circumstances.

Restaurant Diaries

Restaurant Diaries is handwritten anecdotes of growing up at my uncle’s restaurant. Some of my always changing feelings about home and family at the place I grew up in.

Restaurant Diaries was nominated for a 2020 Broken Pencil Zine Award–

Your Body is Fine

Your Body is Fine is a zine about processing trauma and its physical manifestations. Delicate ink drawings describe skin and body sensitivities paired with seemingly disconnected stanzas describe a whole-body ache from sexual trauma.
CW for sexual assault.

screen printed edition, 12 copies total.
xerox open edition on ivory paper.

Plague of Flying

Plague of Flying was a screenplay I wrote in high school and later revived as a comic of wandering thoughts; misplaced ideas of wanting to belong somewhere, with someone, and lots of bird imagery.

XPACE Window Space
Bai Sun

Literally translating to, “honouring the gods,” Bai Sun is an installation that reimagines household altars - traditionally used for gods, ancestors and luck - as a way to honour memory, family, and history. The pieces embody spaces where our family’s cultural ties are strongest - restaurant, household, gravesite, factory, etc. The main piece of the installation is reminiscent of the calendars given away at Chinese food restaurants around the new year. Recreating these spaces through key objects invokes feelings of nostalgia and familiarity. This installation is a means of remembering and rekindling with the artists’ family and history.

Documentation by Polina Teif.

Natalie Mark and Sharon Ma, Bai Sun
July 5 - August 3, 2019

Info and documentation on Xpace's website –
Read exhibition essay by Amanda Low –

Night 4 Zines

Night 4 Zines was a publications-based event that acted as an alternative to traditional publishing launches. Organized by students, artists, and designers, a non-transactional space was provided for an informal book launch with community programming. Night 4 Zines was created with the intent to showcase traditionally uncentred voices and narratives within the Toronto self-publishing community.

Our experiences as marginalized creators are felt privately so why not celebrate our successes together.

Night 4 Zines was coordinated by myself with support from Sheila Sampath’s Nano Publishing course. Thank you to participating artists and those who were not able to make it: Rakshanda Khan, Vincy Lim, MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! [Keet Geniza], Loretta Miauw, and Rabeea Syed. Thank you Seiji & Kaythi for their activist book club “Patchwork Primer” and for sharing a brief history of lesbian publishing. Thanks to Megan Amanda for the beautiful photos and Sheila Sampath (the Public) for the guidance and encouragement.

Patchwork Primer (How Do We Find What We’re Not Looking For?)

Hosted by Seiji & Kaythi –
Patchwork Primer is a compiled publication and book club workshop that focuses on histories of lesbian publishing. Attendees were invited to read as a group from several text excerpts giving a brief account of the role of lesbian publishing in western history and challenges that arise in small-scale publishing.

Toronto Pride 2017
DIY Love: Queer Knowledge & History: Then, Now, and Forever

DIY LOVE 2017 was a public wheat pasting workshop at Pride Toronto’s 2017 Street Fair in celebration of LGBTQ2S+ activist knowledge facilitated by a group of LGBTQ2S+ artists, designers, writers, and curators. With the intention of creating a wall that celebrates queer knowledge and history, parade goers had the opportunity to wheat paste using pre-made and donated posters, co-create with the posters, or simply make their own!

The project is supported by OCAD University, Xpace Cultural Centre, and Toronto's larger LGBTQ2S+ community. We would like to thank the artists and groups who kindly donated posters and other content to the project: Anthea Black, OCAD U Student Press, Patterns Magazine, The Public, Francis Tomkins & Yasmin Emery, and Mary Tremonte.
This project was created by Lex B., Will Carpenter, Kaythi, Natalie Mark, Seiji, John Wigle, and Maya Wilson-Sanchez.

Read full Artist Statement HERE –

Print ready, high-resolution scans of each poster can bedownloaded here for you to print at home! –

On site photos compiled by XPACE –